Management Development Programme

We are committed to developing the management team from within the existing staff team.

Staff can develop from Support Worker to Shift Leader, to Senior Support Worker and Home Supervisor en route to a Registered Home or Service (e.g. Supported Living) Manager role.

This has already proven to be successful, as four recent management appointments have been individuals who joined the company over 6 years ago and have worked through from Support Worker to Registered Manager.

They have brought an incredible amount of experience to the role, in addition to being motivational to other newer members of staff who aspire to a career within the company.

Training includes:

  • Shift Leader training and induction, both at our training centre and in the home
  • Introduction to Management and Leadership for Senior Support Workers and above
  • How to conduct positive and effective supervisions
  • Supervision Workshop (follow up to previous training)
  • Management and Leadership-Effective Communication
  • Management and Leadership -Time management and prioritisation
  • Management and Leadership -Personal Development Plans
  • External Management qualifications up to Level 7
  • Operational training e.g. Legislation and Legalities, CQC compliance

There is extensive additional training and support provided, as our management team at all levels is the role model for all staff and provides the foundation for the quality of service we provide.