Induction and Probation

We appreciate that the people who work in our services are our most important resource and that the quality of our services depend on our employees feeling confident and supported in their work.

We aim to achieve this right from the word ‘go’, therefore all new staff complete a week long induction held at our Head Office.

This includes:

  • An introduction to our services, philosophy and expectations, our services and the individuals in our care
  • Internal and external policies
  • Health and Safety in the Care Home – full day course
  • Autism and the Autistic Spectrum levels one of three – full day courses
  • Introduction to Epilepsy
  • Supervision and Appraisals – how they work and what to expect
  • Safeguarding Adults (and children if appropriate)
  • Company Presentation and feedback session with Richard Smith, Managing Director
  • One of the 5 days during induction week will be a full day home visit.

This is typically followed by two days' Positive Behaviour Management training which involves learning how to support challenging behaviours. You will then undertake shadow shifts within the service giving an opportunity for new staff and the individuals in our care to get to know one another, gain trust and confidence.

Our formal induction will usually be completed after twelve weeks of on-going support and mentoring. The probationary period continues for six months.

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