Further Training

We are committed to working towards supporting and developing a professional workforce through the generation of policy, training and best practice.

Other essential and mandatory training

  • Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
  • Fire Prevention and Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Moving and Handling
  • Medication in the Care Home
  • Infection Control
  • Epilepsy and Epipen
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Fire Warden
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • General Health and Safety

With this in mind, all day support staff are required to undertake a level two Health & Social Care diploma qualification, with our waking night staff undertaking a level three qualification.

In addition, all our senior staff will work towards achieving an appropriate level and specialisation within the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

We have a Managers' Development Programme which is continually developing and gives all of our managers the additional skills required to allow them to excel in their roles as leaders and managers.

Many of our support workers prefer to remain working with our individuals on a daily basis and we develop their specialist knowledge in subjects such as TEACCH and other communication skills and Health Action Planning.

Our primary aim is that the provision of care services to autistic individuals is enhanced by the best possible use of our staff. We ensure, through our commitment to the training and development of all of our employees, that they know what is expected of them by Homes Caring for Autism, the individuals we support and their families, and the external professionals and local commissioning teams.

Safeguarding: Keeping People Safe

Safeguarding is a real passion of ours and we constantly aim to minimise opportunities for any form of abuse by following our high profile Safeguarding programme.

Our in-house safeguarding training is local authority accredited. We begin this training during the induction week of new employees, including an interactive course which also introduces all relevant processes and policies, guidelines, contact details, learning points and outcomes. It also includes a bespoke DVD presentation from a parent of one of the individuals whom we support, emphasising the part that support workers play when working with vulnerable adults. This is particularly poignant as, before coming to Homes Caring for Autism, her son had been subject to abuse.

We have a parent Safeguarding representative to provide an independant point of contact and a 'critical friend' for the company.

Other Autism specific and Behaviour Management training

  • TEACCH assessment and support (Team TEACCH training from Prof Gary Mesibov Ph.D.)
  • PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System from Pyramid Educational Consultants
  • Person Centred Planning/Reviews from Helen Sanderson Associates
  • Positive Behaviour Management: Train the Trainer 10 day course by Positive Response Training
  • Positive Behaviour Management ‘in-house’ 2 day course
  • Communication 3S workshops: Signing, Symbols and Speech

To read more about some of the above specialist services and training, please visit our specialist services page.

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