Autism and Communication

As we are an autism specific company we deliver relevant, in-depth and detailed training in order to develop the knowledge and skills of the staff team, thus enabling them to support the complex individuals in our care.

This training includes specialist knowledge of the Autistic Spectrum, communication and behavioural difficulties and the effects of hyper and hypo sensitivity on each individual. Our dedicated Autism and Communication Trainer has designed and delivers a six month, autism specific training programme. This consists of three days across the six months, building from level one to level three. Delegates are supported to complete workbooks and projects, within their work environments, in order to access the next level. This training has been further evaluated and developed taking account of the input of Wenn Lawson. His website can be found here 

Other Autism specific and behaviour management training includes:

  • TEACCH assessment and support (Division TEACCH training from Prof Gary Mesibov Ph.D.)
  • PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System from Pyramid Educational Consultants
  • Person Centred Planning and Person Centred Reviews from Helen Sanderson Associates
  • Positive Behaviour Management: Train the Trainer 10 day course by Positive Response Training
  • Positive Behaviour Management ‘in-house’ 2 day course
  • Communication 3S workshops: Signing, Symbols and Speech
  • Technology and Communication (AAC)