Services Support Team

Over 50% of the people we are asked to provide services for are coming to us because of a breakdown of their service. Often we are asked to provide the new service at very short notice.

The Services Support Team aims to provide a short notice response to assist all concerned by offering support both to individuals and the staff teams who will undoubtedly be experiencing traumatic and stressful situations. The team also supports our own services when, as will happen, people move towards crisis.

The Services Support Team:

  • Provides additional short notice, hands on support to individuals and their teams experiencing crisis;
  • Analyses current practices and guidelines, carries out functional assessments and develops strategies and solutions to help with current needs;
  • Works closely with the staff teams, health professionals, placing authorities and families in re-evaluating service provision and suggests a pathway to improve service delivery;
  • Establishes new practices and guidelines and provides practical and mentoring support to staff teams in the implementation of these;
  • Enables a return to normal baseline behaviour and sets goals and strategies for future development;
  • Offers continual, on-going support and additional training to the supporting teams.

The team comprises members of staff who are part of a flexible working force across the company, all of whom are trained to deal with the complex challenges faced by people with autism. Each staff member is an experienced, highly trained and skilled practitioner of Positive Behavioural Management and Alternative Augmentative Communication methods.