Wembdon Rise

Located in Bridgwater, Somerset.

Wembdon Rise is an ex Somerset County Council property which we completely refurbished with a full redevelopment to suit our needs. Spread across a half acre site, Wembdon Rise has nine self-contained flats, spread over two buildings. Each flat has a lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, with two having their own private garden. In addition there is also a separate flat, in a detached bulding, which has the same facilities as the others but also has the advantage of its own private garden. There is a communal lounge and a large garden which can be used by everyone. 

 Vacancies: The home is currently fully occupied.



 Members of staff:

ʺI love the philosophy of the company and what we stand for. ʺ

ʺWe really have the individual’s best interests at heart. ʺ


CQC inspection:

ʺThere is a friendly, open and supportive team culture. Everyone works together in the interest of the people who live in the home. Staff are well supported by Management.ʺ