Located in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, Hilltop was extensively refurbished In 2013.

Hilltop has seven, rooms, one of which is within a self-contained flat and two have their own lounge area. All rooms have en suite facilities. The home has a communal kitchen, laundry room, dining area, sensory room and garden with swing.

Being located in Weston-super-Mare, the individual’s have full access to the facilities a major seaside town has to offer, as well as having easy access to other activities in the area of North Somerset/Somerset.

Vacancies: The home is currently fully occupied.



Individual’s parent’s:

"Thanks to the staff who gave J a very special day out with the other guys on Wednesday. The photos of a beaming J say it all and I know those two staff members worked hard to make that day happen. J has a strong support team and I would like to thank everyone on the team for their continued support of J. We value all J's support workers and what they do for J but just thought this deserved a mention."

 "I am very happy with the care taken over N's hygiene. He is always neat, tidy and shaven. The home is always clean and all the staff are very friendly and welcoming."

 "Just to say a big thank you to the Hilltop team for their skill and hard work in supporting Jamie through his hospital visit and tests yesterday...especially to James and Jack who were with him throughout the GP appointment and the hospital visit and to Matt and Bianca who went down later to the hospital to support. I understand Jamie “stepped up to the mark” and managed himself well but he could only do that with the trust and confidence he has in the team to keep him safe and well and with their support. Thank you also for the excellent communication to us as things progressed. We were kept fully informed by yourselves as soon as you knew what was happening."

"As a parent I am more than grateful for the extremely hard work and dedication you all show. I would hate to think how my boy would be in any other home. You all show such compassion and dedication to our children. Thank you really doesn't cut it. I see you all at Hilltop as his family and after all these years I count you as 'my other family' as well. I am much more than grateful for you being in his life and I know he loves you all. All heroes in my eyes."

Social Worker, Enquiry, Assessment and Transition:

"I found the visits to Hilltop's resources very positive." 

 Visiting professional regarding foot care:

 “… I do also think that the professionalism and approach of your staff team helps greatly in creating a calm environment, allowing me to get my job done more easily.

 I have noticed that the quality of the toenail cutting is very good, particularly given that this is not the easiest group of men to readily accept this being done.

 Both of these factors make my life easier when I do visit Hilltop, and certainly go a long way in helping maintain the foot health of your residents. It's much appreciated by me…”


Member of staff:

"The encouragement to improve the individuals’ independence and getting them out in to the community to follow activities is great."