Durlston House

Located in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Durlston House opened in early 2013. 

Durlston House was built specifically for us, to high and exacting standards. It is located in the village of Hilperton, and is within easy reach, both by bus and country walks, of Trowbridge. It is run as family-style residential care home. The home has five bedrooms with en-suites or private bathrooms, a communal kitchen, lounge and conservatory. It has a large garden with a double swing, trampoline and other sensory equipment.
Vacancies: The home is currently fully occupied.


Please see below our comments on the latest CQC inspection report, which have also been displayed in the home for all staff and visitors to see.

Having inspected Durlston House in September 2015, CQC subsequently produced a final report . We are legally obliged to display the rating in the home.

We were provided with a draft report which we strongly contested on the basis that we believed that it contained a number of factual inaccuracies. We also had serious concerns about the approach of the inspection team and our lawyers have been supporting us in making known our serious concerns to the CQC.

Unfortunately, despite changing a number of areas of the draft report after reviewing our representations, CQC have frustratingly not changed any of the judgements contained therein and therefore they have concluded that we are a service that “Requires Improvement”. Whilst we are a reflective service and acknowledge that there are always ways that we can improve the way that we provide care and support for everyone who lives in the home, we do not agree with the CQC’s conclusions.

We want to be completely open with all of you about the service that we provide. Therefore, if you have any questions about the inspection report or our representations then please do contact us and ask to speak with Richard Smith, Managing Director.




Individual’s parent's:

"We like the inclusion and flexibility from the company and feel far more involved than our daughter’s previous home. They are prepared to try out new approaches and activities to improve the quality of B’s life e.g. visits to hydrotherapy, cinema, walking, meal out etc. One year on from B’s move to Homes Caring for Autism we feel so much more confident that her anxieties are being managed for her benefit, rather than being contained for the benefit of the organisation. Thank you."

"We are able to rest assured that our daughter is being cared for by well trained, professional and committed staff. We simply could not be happier with Homes Caring for Autism and Durlston Lodge"