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Upcoming Event - Crazy Golf at Holly Tree Cottage
21st September 2017
All our homes accross Somerset, North Somerset and Wiltshire, have been invited to attend a fun...
3S Bingo
13th September 2017
These photos illustrate a ‘snippet’ of the amazing work Shirley Smith, our 3S trainer, completes...
Durlston House's Garden Project
11th August 2017
Durlston House’s garden project is well under way. The individuals from Wiltshire have enjoyed...
Effective Communication, Activity Success Story.
9th August 2017
The power of effective communication and social stories! One individual at Durlston House very much...
Bristol Harbour Boat Tour
2nd August 2017
Jack had an extremely active and successful day trip this week, starting off with a visit to the...
Geoffrey enjoying washing the car.
28th July 2017
Geoffrey enjoying washing the car. This was a great success and something that he had not engaged...
Airhop Bristol
14th July 2017
Jack enjoying his outing to "AirHop" in Bristol. He thoroulgy enjoyed jumping from one trampoline...
Bristol Aquarium and Shopping Trip
16th June 2017
Liam from Durlston House had a successful day out, visiting the Bristol Aquarium as well as...
Crealy Great Adventure Park
15th June 2017
Danny’s day out at Crealy Great Adventure Park in Devon. Danny really seemed to enjoy himself...
Apex Park Outdoor Activity Day
7th June 2017
Rob Lawrence and Shaun Hills, who work at Holly Tree Cottage, arranged an activity day for all the...
New garden/sensory project - Durlston House
5th May 2017
A key part of this is a horticulture project which will initially be open to a pilot group of...
3S -Easter lotto game
24th April 2017
Each home was provided with a lotto game featuring non-religious symbols we might associate with...
22nd February 2017
“One of Patrick's favourite things to do when growing up was swimming.  He used to enjoy this so...
Pool and Darts Morning
15th February 2017
Daniel playing darts and pool with Richard and Shirley; it was a close contest!
Brean Day Out
29th September 2016
Quote from parents ʺDaniel, myself, my husband and Daniel’s two support workers, went to Brean...