Wenn Lawson

Wenn has worked with Homes Caring for Autism on numerous occasions since March 2006, through to the present day. Wenn provides us with consultancy support and staff training and is a truly inspirational person for us to work with.

On his last visit to us Wenn provided four half day seminars to share his knowledge of living with autism, as he himself is autistic.

Wenn is an inspirational person, who shared with us his extensive knowledge of living on the autistic spectrum, including completing his education to a degree level, having a family and autistic children; even moving to a different continent.

Over the two days of Wenn’s visit, he shared his knowledge with staff, families and professionals. His presentation showed the on-going work and studies that are happening around the world, which aim to enhance the lives of those living on the autistic spectrum.

Wenn presented various medical studies, including evidence of how the brain can work differently with those who have autism compared to what scientists call a ‘neurotypical’ development. Wenn himself participated in these studies, and included his brain’s mappings into the presentation.

Wenn closed the seminars by showing short clips of other children and adults who have autism, who now, with a little help from such technologies as the iPad, are able to communicate and move forward in their lives.

One such remarkable story is that of Carly, a Canadian teenager who has lived with autism all of her life and had never before been able to communicate. However, with the help of technology, she has now gone on to communicate fully with her parents and friends and has even written a book.

A link to Carly’s remarkable story: http://youtu.be/a1uPf5O-on0

Everyone attending found the sessions extremely informative and enlightening. Wenn also very much enjoyed the sessions, quoting “…thanks once again for having me... you guys are very much like family to us and we appreciate you very much! I'm also very excited to see ''principles'' of what I teach actually being put into action, awesome! What a difference this is making to the lives of those young people in your care, brilliant.”

The philosophy of Homes Caring for Autism is to support every individual to live full, independent and rewarding lives. We believe in striving for excellence in all we do, so working with Wenn is very much in line with our core principles.

For more about Wenn, his work, poetry and/or life, visit his website at www.wennlawson.com.