Vision & Mission

Our Vision Statement:

“To empower autistic individuals, using passion and creativity, to achieve what others may never have thought possible.”

Our Mission Statement:

“To ensure positive wellbeing and inclusion is achieved for all.”

We will:

  • Ensure people are at the centre of what we do, providing equal opportunity to all.
  • Provide specialist, autism specific training and ongoing personal development.
  • Provide transparent person-centred care, setting clear goals with positive outcomes.
  • Break down communication barriers, enabling people to have a voice and be involved in decision making.
  • Work in partnership with commissioners, people we support and all other stakeholders.
  • Deliver the highest standards of quality and best practise.
  • Help each other grow, reflect and develop to reach their full potential.
  • Commit to continuous improvements via the use of evidence based practise.

Our Core Values:

“Based on integrity and doing the right thing, valuing all people and having a positive attitude always.”

Therefore, it is important we are all:

  • Role models: Put into practise the theory and principles of our training and learning.
  • Caring: Actively promoting choice, independence, community integration, dignity and respect.
  • Risk aware: Whilst still encouraging and supporting positive risk taking.
  • Efficient: In our practise and use of resources.
  • Proactive: Never settling for how things are but always looking for how we can improve.
  • Celebrating achievements:  Making people/each other feel valued.
  • Recognising everyone’s unique strengths:  Bringing positive energy to every situation, as every person matters.