Person Centred Approaches

Person Centred Reviews

Person centred reviews are a way of developing more person centred and responsive services, and developing living descriptions of how people want to live. The aim of the review is to focus on what is “working” and “not working” from different perspectives. With the information gathered through a review we are able to start to change people’s lives (by developing action at the review). By having the person fully at the centre of the review and by including families, promoting inclusion and creating descriptions of how the individual wants to live, person centred reviews lead to change. Living descriptions can be developed into a person centred plan.

The reviews are an important way to begin essential lifestyle plans.

Person Centred Planning

Person centred planning leads to change by working out what is “important to” and “important for“ the individual and will include everything which was discussed at the person centred review. As with the review, the person is fully at the centre of the planning, which also includes families, promotes inclusion and creates descriptions of how the individual wants to live. These plans belong to the person and, providing they agree, the information in them can be used by support staff, care managers and providers.