Tracy Whitcombe nominated for the Support Worker Award

2nd March 2015

Congratulations to Tracy Whitcombe who has been nominated by a parent for this award, they said the following:

Homes Caring for Autism took over the supported living care of our autistic son Cameron just over 12 months ago. Tracy is Cameron’s Senior Support Worker and is involved in direct care and co-ordinating the activity of his core team. Cameron has complex, autistic related needs and can demonstrate challenging behaviour, especially at times when he is stressed or anxious. Tracy and the team have worked hard with numerous strategies and actions to reduce the severity of these behaviours, to good success.  Prior to taking over the care provision, Cameron was overweight, withdrawn and very insular in his focus/behaviours.  In the last 12 months we have witnessed him return to a great level of physical fitness, his use of language has improved and he is becoming more involved in the activities required for him to live with some form of independence. Importantly, Cameron is now getting out and about within the community where he lives and is developing an active life, rather than being housebound.  He likes horse riding, swimming, bowling and long walks, all of which have been successfully introduced over the last year.  Tracy and the team have also established strong links between them, us as parents and Cameron’s college placement.  We all work closely together to continue to progress Cameron.  The last 12 months have been very positive.  Tracy fully deserves the Support Worker award as the level of support she provides in conjunction with Cameron’s core team has been exceptional. The support provided is more than just keeping Cameron happy within the house, it is very much focused on the continuous development of Cameron’s abilities and building the skills required for greater independence. This is done in such a way that fully understands the challenges his autistic condition presents, in-addition to making sure that Cameron is happy and enjoys life. A very impressive first year, and Tracy is a first class support worker and Homes Caring for Autism are best in class in their approach to autistic care.