Stafford Lodge nominated for the National LD and Autism Award

19th June 2017

Congratulations to Debbie Moore and her staff team who have been nominated for an award by a parent, who said the following;

The team work incredibly hard behind the scenes to enable Mark to attend family events, so he can feel relaxed and enjoy himself amongst a lot of people.  To enable this to happen takes literally months of preparation and organization, such as taking photos/videos of the venue.

On a weekly basis, the staff will talk him through the event and show him the video of what he will see once he arrives and what he will encounter. They show him photos and discuss with him the wedding preparations; this enables him to feel safe and in control. 

On August 7, 2015 I re-married; we were looking forward to Mark attending our wedding day, which was held in Herefordshire – 80 miles away from Burnham-on-Sea, his home address.

He waited outside the wedding registrar office, with his two carers - Liam and Tracy. He was waiting for people to settle, so he could sit at the back. I joined Mark with my sister (I had arranged for my sister Louise to walk me up the aisle.) I felt nervous, Mark took my hand – I thought what a lovely gesture as he does not initiate any form of touch. I told Mark that it was time for him to sit down.  He said ‘NO’. He signed that he wanted to walk me up the aisle to join my future husband.

Everyone was happy that Mark was comfortable amongst family and friends. We are eternally grateful to Debbie Moore (Manager) and the team at Stafford Lodge for giving me a priceless memory of my son at my side – giving me encouragement; when I felt nervous walking up the aisle.

My daughter Ada-Rose is getting married on 17th September 2017 – the team are already working with Mark – future happy memories!