Robert Lawrence Finalist for Care Worker Award

9th November 2015

Congratulations to Robert Lawrence who was nominated for the Care Worker Award presented by South West Region, Great British Care Awards.

Robert was nominated for this award by his colleague who said the following:

"Robert has worked at Holly Tree Cottage for over 5 years supporting the Autistic individuals in his Waking Night Support Worker role. Robert has a flexible working approach and always commits 100% to his role.

Now onto the important part as too why Robert deserves this.

On the 12 March 2015, Robert was finishing off all of his duties and was asked to assist with an individual who has epilepsy. On entering his bedroom it was quickly identified that the individual was in fact in more discomfort than usual. It was then with Robert's experience than in actual fact the individual was unconscious and not breathing. Staff contacted the emergency services and was directed to start CPR. Robert took the situation into his own hands and started CPR until the ambulance arrived. It was the quick actions of Robert that greatly preserved the individual's chances of surviving. It was then afterwards where he wanted to follow this through and assist with comforting the individual by going into the ambulance with him. The individual's life was saved and he is now living a healthy life after the Doctors quick actions.

Robert felt throughout all of it that it was only 'part of his job' and felt that he only did what he was meant to do and didn't want any recognition from this.

I feel Robert deserves great recognition from this as although we have thorough training but nothing prepares you for this ever and Robert's commitment to one the individuals everyday day but secondly the commitment he showed that day before, during and after it happened."