Richard Smith Finalist for Outstanding Contribution to Care Award

8th September 2015

Congratulations to Richard Smith, Managing Director, who was been selected as a finalist in the Outstanding Contribution category of the forthcoming LaingBuisson Awards 2015! Richard was nominated for this award by the senior management team who said the following;

"Richard started Homes Caring for Autism in 2004 and opened his first residential home, after identifying limited availability and delivery of quality care for individuals diagnosed with autism, whilst attending other providers as an agency worker. His passion for providing personalised services to individuals with autism is extraordinary and admired by the entire workforce. Personally delivering a presentation at induction for every employee is just the beginning of his commitment in providing excellent training, positive working environments, support, guidance and the tools to enable employees to enrich the lives of the individuals we support.

Richard continually strives for innovation in direct relation to the individuals we support, their families and employees, ranging from staff incentive schemes, assistive technology systems and bespoke development plans. His determination and dedication to continually evolve as a specialist provider is admirable, and over the past 11 years has expanded to deliver 11 residential services for 57 complex individuals across three counties, achieving many successful new placements for individuals whom have experienced previous placement breakdowns with other providers, supporting integration back into the community using person centred approaches. This expansion provides employment to over 300 employees.

Richard’s support is unconditional and selfless. He has a natural ability to think creatively to support the challenges faced by people, responding with interest to staff that have had ‘breakthroughs’ with individuals. Full of praise, his face visibly lights up when hearing of achievements, however big or small, encouraging people to celebrate successes; he can often be seen sharing good practice and new ideas when visiting services.

It is important that things are done right; he has high morals and values every person he comes across, both the individuals we support employees.  A driver for the company commented that he was overwhelmed that Richard knew his name, taking time out to speak to him when visiting a service, even though the driver did not provide direct hands on support.

Richard also invests a lot of time working in partnership with local authorities and other providers; he is a board member of various organisations, including Wiltshire Care Partnership Board, the RCPA in Somerset and Care and Support West. He actively gets involved in projects linked to funding, personalization, person centred delivery, staffing and retention, in order to drive good practice and value for money.

Richard’s drive and passion is infectious, inspiring others to develop, achieve personal goals and realise their potential. Employees have development and promotion opportunities within the company structure that Richard has created and continues to develop. He actively leads the philosophy of focusing on employees’ interests, supporting them to develop skills in relation to that interest which then benefits both the company and the individuals we support, increases staff morale and has resulted in several awards being won across the company.

Richard’s energy is infectious (and tiring!) and his contribution to the care sector is invaluable and simply outstanding. His vision is to continue ensuring the delivery of high standards of care and support whilst still building on every individual’s capability, not to make assumptions, to achieve the unthinkable for both the individuals we support and all employees.  People at all levels are inspired when they meet Richard; he makes you think and want to make a difference.

Such dedication and passion deserves the recognition of Outstanding Contribution."