Lee Derbidge - Finalist for the National LD and Autism ‘Making a Difference’ Award

20th June 2017

Congratulations to Lee Derbidge who is now a finalist for the Making a Difference Award. Lee was nominated for this award by our regional manager, who said the following;

ʺDuring Lee's 11 years with Homes Caring for Autism, it has been recognised by parents, social workers and other professionals that he has, without question, enhanced, even transformed, the lives of autistic individuals.

Lee has pioneered the use of IT to vastly improve communication and understanding with individuals who are non-verbal and can use challenging behaviour to communicate, potentially resulting in exclusion from local communities, facilities and external activities. There are many examples of situations where Lee has reduced challenging incidents via the use of appropriate and innovative communication formats which have helped to reduce an individual’s anxieties.

Lee has created, and delivers, various autism specific training sessions to our staff teams. He is an excellent trainer; we constantly receive feedback from staff saying that they feel motivated and inspired, that he is innovative and that his training is exciting and participatory. This training not only trains the staff teams to provide information in different formats to meet individual needs and break down barriers but also helps them to understand the potential reasons for behaviours and to look at them in a different way to enable staff to work more proactively with people to communicate their needs/preferences and problem solve.

One of his major successes is the creation of bespoke social stories. Each DVD is unique, based on an individual’s interests, using them as motivators to attract and hold an individual’s attention to communicate effectively and develop their ability to access and function both within their home and in the community, safely and without anxiety.

Lee continues to passionately develop communication programmes and is always striving for better communication via new technologies, with the aim of continuing to achieve a better quality of life and wellbeing for the individuals we support. ʺ