Homes Caring for Autism - Finalist for the Great British Care Award 2016

25th October 2016

Homes Caring for Autism has been nominated for the Care Employer Award and is now a finalist! The nominations were made by Wendy Moore and Jo Chandler, who said the following:


ʺ Homes Caring for Autism (HCA) is a company that offers outstanding care and commitment to the individuals in their homes.  The directors of this company have a caring ethos that feeds down to their employees that all receive excellent ongoing training.  All staff have the opportunity for promotion and professional development, thus ensuring that staff are made to feel valued. Parents and carers are included in the development of this company by providing parent forum meetings as well as always ensuring they are made aware of any changes. My son lives in a lovely home, his privacy is always respected and he is treated with the dignity he deserves.  This company continues to thrive and has the ability to meet any change head on.  HCA's continued development is reflected in the entrepreneurial skills of the directors without losing their personnel touch.  HCA is a special company and would deserve to win this prestigious award.ʺ


ʺI have been involved with the company Homes Caring for Autism (HCA) since November 2014.

Our grandson, then aged almost 17 years, was due to be repatriated to the UK from Swaziland in Southern Africa.

Gregory is low functioning with some behaviour problems.

He was due to travel by air accompanied by an anaesthetist, psychiatric nurse and his mother.

Homes Caring for Autism quickly set up meetings with us as grandparents (we were acting on behalf of Gregory’s parents who were still in Swaziland).

In working with us and the social worker from the local authority, they were able to plan for Gregory’s arrival. Although this was a completely new and unknown challenge, HCA created a calm atmosphere for the day Gregory arrived at his new home on December 17th 2014.

HCA have since shown how as a team they can plan, show vision and be prepared for setbacks and then move forward again.

In January 2016, the planning of Gregory’s transition from his first home to a new home, again within HCA, commenced.

The transition period for Gregory’s move to another establishment was dealt with great understanding between both HCA homes and the members of staff. There was a crossover of staff for several weeks which enabled Gregory to settle in and to get used to new faces.

The move occurred in February 2016 and went very smoothly with staff from his original placement working with Gregory in his new home.

The care and planning continues and Gregory has made so much progress.

The involvement of parents and grandparents is well received with regular discussions and participation in outdoor activities. 

I think Home Caring for Autism offers care, vision, individual support and a willingness to acknowledge the complexity of autism.ʺ