Finalist for the Autism Spectrum Services Award

10th September 2015

We are so proud to announce that Homes Caring for Autism have been selected as a finalist for the LaingBuisson 2015 Autism Spectrum Services Award. We were nominated by a parent who said the following:

"This company have given me constant peace of mind ever since I entrusted them with the responsibility of taking care of my son and I have had nothing but praise for the way this has been handled. I have continually seen all aspects of his life being enriched by the care, empathy and professionalism from his placement and the wonderful staff trained by the company to provide this exceptional service.His support workers can understand his needs so he is able to lead the best life he can. As a parent I am told all aspects of his life and informed of the slightest event which may impact him. His needs and interests are expanded. I would not hesitate in recommending any of the group homes to prospective parents."