Durlston Lodge nominated for the Great Autism Practice Award

2nd March 2015

Well done to the staff team at Durlston Lodge who have received the following nomination from a parent who said the following:

I wish to nominate the staff team at Durlston Lodge for the Great Autism Practice Award.

My 26 year old daughter has lived there for the last two and a half years. She is profoundly autistic, non-verbal, has severe learning difficulties, epilepsy and extremely challenging behaviour.

She arrived there in July 2012 in a state of immense agitation and anxiety due to the breakdown of her previous care home placement. This had a devastating effect on her and the rest of the family. She had to be removed and brought back to the family home prematurely, due to serious concerns regarding her mental and physical state.

The negative experience left her in emotional turmoil resulting in extremely challenging, and often self-injurious, behaviours.

Homes Caring for Autism had already started their comprehensive transition programme with my daughter, within that setting, but seamlessly and professionally switched this to the family home. Their staff spent a lot of time with her in order to gain a robust understanding of her and the degree of her complexities. This was an impressively thorough transition. Their staff demonstrated a determination to provide my daughter with a care service underpinned by not only their expertise in the field of autism, but also confidence in their knowledge of her.

Upon moving in to Durlston Lodge her self- injurious behaviours diminished. Her countenance settled, she was finally at peace with herself. She is a very complex character, often presenting new, unfathomable behaviours. Each time this happens the staff delve deep, ascertaining the reasons and striving to negate possible triggers, thereby assisting her to overcome her anxieties. Their support, expertise, professionalism and dedication resulted in my daughter gaining the opportunity to be happy and to enjoy life, even with the constraints of autism. This has enhanced life for us all!