Dom Long - Finalist for the National LD and Autism ‘Support Worker’ Award

20th June 2017

Congratulations to Dom Long who is a finalist for the Support Worker Award. Dom was nominated for this award by a parent and grandparent of on individual, who said the following;

 “Dom is a Senior Support Worker to my son who is cared for by Homes Caring for Autism, at Grange Court in Wiltshire. Dom has shown outstanding care towards my son and constantly goes the extra mile to try and help my son who is non-verbal and frequently anxious.

One particular example is how Dom organised a major dental procedure for my son, his first visit to a dentist in over ten years. The amount of planning and negotiation was astonishing and Dom took this all in his stride and organised pre-op visits and meetings with the medical staff involved. Dom’s meticulous planning left nothing to chance and he ensured all the paperwork was in place.

On the day of the operation Dom led a well organised and dedicated team to Royal United Hospital in Bath. The two hour wait for treatment at times was too much to endure for my son, who became increasingly agitated and anxious. Dom and his team handled the difficult situation in a calm, professional manner and ensured no damage was done.

Dom’s quite assurance, leadership and management skills have always been evident in his caring for my son, but no more than on the day he went to the dentist.”


“Dom Long is a Senior Support Worker assigned to our 19 year old grandson GU.

 G moved to Grange Court in February 2016 from Bridgwater where he had been cared for since his arrival from Swaziland in December 2015.

 In G’s second year at Grange Court, Dom has continued to focus and guide G so he can gain more independence.

This means challenges for G’s and the staff.

Dom’s leadership of G’s team ensures that there is plenty of cooperation in organising the daily routine.

Dom has been the key person this year in three major events.

  1. Working with Government Departments to obtain a National Insurance number for G. This involves an incredible amount of paperwork and phone calls: eventually a home visit was organised for G and Dom monitored this very well.
  2. G badly needed dental treatment. This involved pre-examinations at Bath Clinic. Dom headed this team effort. A date for the treatment was eventually agreed and Dom led the team of three in taking G to Bath Clinic. They had to wait for two hours in a small waiting room which caused G a lot of distress. G then went on t have a full anaesthetic and have four extractions and nine fillings. An amazing achievement!
  3. Dom’s team organised a birthday party for G in a local village hall. This was a real challenge for G and Dom’s team.

Dom and his team have now set a six month vision for G of getting him further involved in the community and aiming eventually to take G on holiday. Dom is convinced that this will further enhance G’s independence and ability to mix with others.

Dom is a naturally happy individual whose warmth and enthusiasm shines in his relationship with G.

At the same time he is a good team builder who gives responsibility to other members of staff. He also involves G’s parents and grandparents in everyday matters and special events.

I highly recommend Dom Long for the “Support Worker Award”. “