Adam Gontar Finalist for Management Excellence Award

17th September 2015

Congratulations to Adam Gontar, Registered Manager at Stafford Lodge who has been selected as a finalist in the Management Excellence category of the forthcoming LaingBuisson Awards 2015.

Below is the nomination from his team:

"Adam is an important part of what keeps this company ticking; he is willing to go above and beyond his call of duty and goes out of his way to help others. He is our registered manager but he also proactively offers support to other homes in his role of a positive behaviour management qualified trainer, being able to identify and mentor people that need It the most. He is not afraid to get stuck in and really problem solves a whole range of different situations, he never leaves a question unanswered and never leaves anyone not knowing what to do. This has resulted in the staff team being settled with low turnover. Adam has focused on in house staff development to build on core experiences, which has then in turn reduced incidents for the complex individuals that we support. He helps everyone, he supports everyone, he listens and evaluates what is said to him to establish what the best course of action should be to support the staff team. I am sure we could ask support staff and managers alike and they would say the same. Adam is person centred in his staff support approaches which provides good morale within the staff team, identifying specific training and organising it with staff.

He is always accessible and supportive with issues both within Stafford Lodge and for other managers and services within the company, it is amazing how he is still able to keep up the support at Stafford Lodge whilst supporting a lot of other people in the company and for this he deserves a medal! Adam ticks all the boxes of a perfect manager and more and we couldn’t ask for better here at Stafford Lodge.

The whole team are all supportive of this nomination as we have yet to see a time where Adam isn’t putting in 110%. He puts others before himself and makes his staff team feel valued and important, he always involves the house in important decisions that need to be made and as I said before, he always goes above and beyond his call of duty and for this I believe he deserves this nomination. We believe it and we hope you do too."