Phil attending his brothers wedding in Coventry

29th November 2017

With the support of Rob Lawrence and Suzanne Hornett, Philip recently attended his brother’s wedding in Coventry. He seemed to really enjoy himself, and it’s clear to see how much trust he has in Suzanne and what a lovely bond they have. Suzanne took the lead throughout the day, leaving Philip with no anxieties.  The only hiccup was some spilt coffee down his shirt at the services, but that was quickly swapped for another one, and Philip found it all very amusing.  Staff at HTC had done the groundwork to ensure Philip knew what was coming up and when. He could visually see what he would be wearing on the day, which also helped to reduce any anxieties.  Staff reassured Philip a lot before the day, and made sure he was comfortable when asking about it. From start to finish, Philip was totally relaxed, and it was a joy to support him.  The family were very proud of him being there. Philip enjoyed some wine in the evening, and then wished to head back after the speeches.